Saturday, October 2, 2010

Murder! (of a pig...)

There was blood dripping from his mouth. I usually love the guy, but seeing what he did repulsed me. It was my fault in some ways. When he came over to hang out with me I ran away with disgust.
I came home to find several piglets grazing on our lawn. There are two effective ways to get rid of pigs. The first way is to make a “shh” sound, and they begin to run away. If that fails, clap your hands and the dog will chase them out.
Champ did his rounds chasing the pigs, and caught one. I threw several rocks, and he would drop the pig for a second, but then would pick it up and run around with it again. The pig was squirming around and I began to look for neighbors that could help out. I threw rock after rock at our dog, nothing seemed to be working. I didn’t want to get to close because I feared Champ in the state he was in. He was a killer.
Finally two of my students hopped over our fence armed with rocks. When the pig was dropped after one of the stones hit Champ, Tupu, a year 5 student, went and grabbed the pig. He cradled it and brought it to its owners. The pig was still alive, but barely holding onto life.
Champ ran over to me for me to show my appreciation for how good a job he was doing. There was blood dripping from my mouth and I was disgusted. Although I am proud of him for protecting our land and doing a good job chasing the pigs, it is still a horrific site to see.

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