Saturday, October 2, 2010

Starting Term 3 of School

Two weeks into school, and I still don’t know what I am doing. I am working hard, but am unable to figure out a definite schedule with all the falavelaves around our school. In the two weeks, we had one teacher have a baby, another teacher get married, the flu virus hit everyone (Thank you Teuila for my flu vaccination!), and teachers leaving left and right for meetings elsewhere.
I have been a substitute teacher in many rooms, and enjoying teaching whatever I felt was necessary in those classrooms. It has been fun focusing on math and English. I have taught many classes Michael Jackson’s Heal the World, and we have been enjoying rocking out to that, along with our other favorites. I have also been focusing on word problems for math.
Yesterday at school, there were only 2 other teachers besides myself. That meant we had a lot of running around to apply somewhat effective teaching. I was teaching 4 classes of 25-35 students at a time. Thankfully I planned this ahead of time. I prepared a test for my year 4 class, a quiz for year 7, and in year 5-6 they had some work from their teachers mixed with a read aloud and singing with me.
Watching multiple classes has become something that I have grown used to. Although it is not the most enjoyable teaching.
One great thing I’ve been doing this term is bringing a stack of books outside during recess. I have a group of kids that sit with me reading. They have a great time and I love hearing their reading improving.
Hopefully my schedule will become more consistent when most of the teachers come back. If it doesn’t, at least I am doing the best I can!

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