Friday, October 29, 2010

Rainy Season Sickness

Rainy Season Sickness
Wow, I remember thinking a few months back, what really is the difference between the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season brought rain daily. I didn’t remember the rainy season being that bad. I was wrong.
Just like the dry season, the rainy season has started with rain. It felt the same as it did the previous six months. And then the rain kept coming. It rains in the morning, in the afternoon, and then again at night. During the dry season it only rained once per day, but now every time I plan to go outside, it seems to begin raining again.
The rain doesn’t bother me too much since it usually brings cooler weather. However, since the weather is changing yet again, the whole village has been given the flu. Everywhere I look, there is a sick person! It rubbed off on me, and I have a tonsil in the back of my throat that is trying to expand out of my mouth.
The doctor is in the village next to me once a week, and I decided to wait to see him. As the days passed, my tonsils grew bigger and bigger. Looking in the mirror it looked like the back of my throat was closed off.
On Thursday, the day the doctor is in town, I waited for the rain to pause, then headed to the hospital. It is funny in some ways, how the hospital is a place to make friends. Since there is only a doctor for a few hours one day a week, hospitals can be very social. I always meet new people from the different surrounding villages as well as people I already know.
After seeing the doctor and paying my fee of about $6 American for medicine, I went on my way, happy that the rain was still on hiatus.
Even though the weather only has a slight change throughout the entire year, it is still noticeable, especially to our health. It really surprises me that I notice it as much as I do, because in Colorado and Wyoming we had more extreme temperatures within a day.
I guess for the next 6 months, might as well enjoy the rain and hope my health stays in check.

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