Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being in the Future

Being in the Future

Lately I have noticed how strange it is living in the future.  You never really stop to notice the day difference from a few months ago, until something American comes up.

This time it was Presidents Day.

Our Peace Corps Office and United States Embassy had the day off for Presidents Day, while in the United States they were experiencing a nice quiet Sunday.  Then while everybody here returned back to work on Tuesday, the United States was enjoying their President’s Day.

Then, on the night February 15th, I was online and my friend sent me a message wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I asked if it was still Valentine’s Day where he was, and he said it just ended.  It was really confusing to me.

I am 17 hours ahead, or 19 hours ahead, and soon with Daylight Savings it will be even more different and confusing to me.  While we fall back and the Northern Hemisphere springs forward to make it even more confusing. 

It used to confuse me with time zones while living in the mainland alone.  Sometimes this lead to phone calls too early in the morning, or too late at night.  I think the worst was when I spent a summer in Fairbanks, AK….no one could ever quite figure out where I was or what time it was. 

I am sure I will get used to it, but it is just confusing to sit around and what time or day it is at home…


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