Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Go The Manu!

Go the Manu!

As many of you know it is Rugby Season (Well….when is it not rugby season out here….) and the 7’s tournament is in full swing.  I haven’t been expecting much since we have not done too well since winning the World Championships my first year in 2010…but Las Vegas gave me some hope (Isn’t it known for giving at least some people a little luck…I am glad I was on board for it this day!)

Samoa did amazingly well in their first two games-stomping over teams as if they owned them.  (Sorry if there is an Aussie reading this…)  Then came the dreaded New Zealand All Blacks.  While we kept messing up inside the 22, they kept on finding a way to get the ball back.  Instead of us cheering the only Kiwi supporter was doing a little dance around us. 

Yesterday, the Manu made it to the cup round, and they came from behind to beat their Pacific rivals, Fiji.  This happened while I was at work, so I had completely no knowledge of this happening.  Then, at the end of the school day we begin hearing the nearby police shout and holler, then cars start driving past honking their horns in celebration.  All the students knew what that meant, VICTORY!  Samoa had defeated New Zealand and had won the Las Vegas 7’s. 

Samoans show so much pride in their rugby team and it is amazing to be in the country and be a part of it.  Everywhere you look, children were doing the haka (traditional war dance that many Pacific nations do at the start of a rugby match), or reenacting their favorite parts of the game. 

Last night I watched the replay of the games and it truly was an amazing game.  Both teams fought real hard similar to their first game, but in the end it was Samoa performing their victorious Haka instead. 

Go the Manu!

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