Thursday, February 2, 2012


Truly Famous

Yesterday while meeting up with some of my Samoan friends, I learned that my friend’s brother had watched me on the news.  I usually talk in English to my Apia friends because that is basically all I knew when I met them.  It was really funny because his brother was impressed that I knew the language, and was understandable from my interview.  It was nice for my more English speaking friends to see what I can do.  (It would have been nice to have a television to watch it on….)

Also he told me that before the dateline change,  my friends from group 82 and I (and some from 81 and 79) had our picture in the paper.  It was about how Samoa was switching from the last sunset in the world to the first sunrise in the world.  The picture was us in Falealupo enjoying the last sunset of 2009. 

My mission is to see if I can still find a copy of the article. 




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