Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coral Reef Academy

Coral Reef Academy


You seem them around town, and can be amazed at what these kids can do.  The Coral Reef Academy is a program for “troubled” children in the US, in which they come to Samoa to learn coping mechanisms.  Hearing what they are, first gave me the impression of ulavale, horrible teenagers, but it is far from the truth.  The children that attend school there always put their best foot forward and show the best mannerisms.

Today, they came to visit my school, and put on such a nice musical performance.  It was wonderful, because they brought a piece of their own cultures, which showed the children the diversity that lives in America.  It was truly beautiful as all of the Coral Reef kids were of different races.  Most of the people here think that if you come from America you are white and it is nice that they are able to go around showcasing the cultural diversity in the United States.  They also shared some of the different musical styles in the US, and even had the children from my school join in with them. 

Without them realizing it, they are helping the Peace Corps out tremendously with our goals of showing Samoans what the people in the United States are like.  Fa’afetai Coral Reef!


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