Friday, February 24, 2012

Waking Up With the Roaches

Waking Up With the Roaches

There are many disgusting ways that I have woken up while in Samoa. From hearing the rat move around my bed, billions of ants crawling all over me, or having a cockroach crawl across my legs.  This morning I had a new disgusting one….or one that should have really repulsed me. 

I felt something in my hair, and it was a cockroach in there.  I just flung it across the room and went back to sleep. 

Upon arriving in Samoa in 2009, I was completely disgusted by all of these bugs, but living here it is not so bad.  Sure they are annoying, and sometimes you feel the need to Mortein them to death, but when it is just a single incident, it really isn’t as bad now. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want these creatures, and I honestly think there is no better feeling than stepping on one to death (even if it leaves the goo on the ball of your foot).  But there is nothing you can really do to get rid of them.  Your house could be immaculate, and the creepy crawlers will still find the need to show up. Here, you just learn to deal with what you probably would not accept as living conditions (meaning all of the creatures in your house) in other countries you would not accept. 




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  1. I was pretty proud of myself too by the time I left, and the tolerance I had built up for those things. I'll never forget the time I was brushing my teeth and one ran up my leg, and I about chocked on my toothbrush! Without them now, life just feels a little bit too easy!