Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Days...

Some Days…

Some days it feels like everything that can go wrong does.  I know working with troubled kids means that your days will be different than others, but for the most part, school runs smoothly.  The children are below average, but again so are most of the children I taught in Savai’i. 

Today started like any other day.  Some of the kids were good, some of the kids were anxious throughout the day (I think this is due to this being their first school setting).  Then at interval, while I was running around doing a few errands and the other teacher was busy with some children, two of the girls left.  It is rough because our school has several entrances, and we cannot guard them all at one time.   Sometimes the children, even though they came from a really abusive situation, they start to really miss their families, and who can really blame them?

I am hoping the girls are found, but most of all are safe because I would hate for them to return to any situation that brought them harm.

To make my day a little worse, I received a message from my first host sister.  Mom has just passed away.  I knew she was sick because she went to New Zealand for treatment, but I was unable to see her in the month that I have been back. 

It just seems like some days anything that can happen does. 


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  1. and hopefully when then new day comes - the day after today - things will be better! you can never have too much bad or too much good - things always balance themselves out!