Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Locked Out

Locked Out

This is the second time it’s happened, and it just puts a cramp on the day.  Yesterday when I left school my classroom was left unlocked from the inside with all of my teaching materials left inside.  However today, upon my arrival to school I learned that someone decided to lock the door to my classroom.  There really shouldn’t be a problem with locking the classroom, but we are in the old courthouse building and never received all of the keys to this building, and so I am locked out of my classroom. 

I arrived early to mark the children’s work and get their lessons ready for the day, only to find out I can’t get in. 

Last time this happened I was locked out for two days until someone found a way to get in (and then they forgot to lock the outside door, which lead for intruders to come inside the school and raid the supply closet leaving us without a lot of our art materials). 

Teaching shouldn’t be about these kind of building problems.  It is difficult enough teaching a multiability multiage classroom that it is hard to be without our space and supplies. 


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