Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catch Up

Catch up

I am sorry for the lack of writing, but I am just trying to keep up with myself. A lot of you have just heard my complaints about my living situation, but the fact of the matter it is not the ideal situation for anyone.

The children in my house are children of my school. They were taken from their families for a variety of reasons. Some of them were sexually abused, some of them were raped, some physically abused, and others were abused in other ways. Some have been living without their families for several months, and at least one has been away for 9 years. They would prefer to be home, but it is not safe for them. Together they formed a nice family in which there are sometimes arguments, but they get along well like sisters and brothers.

The school is going well, there are currently 30 students aged 3-19; six students were recently dropped from enrollment for not attending and one running away. It is strange for me to be the principal since I have never had this role before. I have had to have talks with my staff member about her lesson plans, corporal punishment, and other items of concern that in the past I have zipped my lips on.

Next week (I think) the volunteer teachers will begin coming in. This will be nice because it will allow for smaller group learning. These volunteer teachers are people from the community that just want to help, they are local business people, church members, or anyone from the community that wants to help out by spending some time with these children.

I know everything will get better; it just takes time to get used to everything. I am truly enjoying being with these children because it is amazing how loved they can make you feel.

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