Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the Dark

In the Dark

I am sitting here at school, wondering what to do.  It is hard to do much since I am in the dark.  Last week was the first week of school, and several mornings I found myself in the dark for one of two reasons:
1. We ran out of pre paid electricity (cash power).
2. The master switch is somewhere that I have yet to locate and only one student knows where it is.

I started my work for my students by writing on the board with a phone as my flashlight in my mouth for light.  I still have books to mark, but it is difficult to find the patience to mark them when it is impossible to see. 

For one and a half days last week the school was completely without power.  It is completely miserable as in one of our classrooms there is only one small window, so the children were fighting each other on who could sit near it so they could see their coursework.  I am hoping today is not one of those days.

Come on, give me some electricity please!


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