Sunday, February 26, 2012

Funny Chokers

Funny Chokers

The Laughing Samoans came back, and this time brought with them the best comedy show ever.  They were by far so much funnier than last year (and as a double bonus, I had the pleasure of meeting them when they came to visit my school children).  This year I was sitting in a row of palagis, and the fact that all of them were doubling over laughing made me pretty sure that the comedy wasn’t just me being used to Samoan humor. 

One of their skits was about a Samoan and a palagi dating, it was really funny to hear the “palagi” and the Samoan tell it how it is in Samoa.  At one point he told the “palagi woman” that her salary is theirs, and his salary is for his family.  It seems so true as most Samoans overseas find a way to give as much money as possible to their family in Samoa….I know it is true in many Pacific countries, but here it is a major source of the economy.

They also told jokes about the World Cup, such as the lack of supporters from Samoa that came out to greet the team at the airport, since most of the Samoan team resides in New Zealand anyway. 

They also had their sing-along’s and their “series” such as, Island Time and the two children.

If you are living in the Pacific and the Laughing Samoans are showing “Funny Chokers”, you need to go!  It was incredible…words can’t describe….and I know I did a pretty bad describing how amazing it was. 





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  2. It's pretty funny aye? Love the Laughing Samoans... I was a bit worried they might've run out of fresh material, but the old characters were as funny as ever! Malo Tofiga and Ete!