Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Office


Switching jobs can always be an interesting and rough period. 

Where in the last I would stare at the lush green plantations, now I have a view of the mountains (and a parking lot.) 

In my old school, it sometimes was so quiet you can hear the mice and other creatures hiding; now I have the Samoan Police Brass Band practicing all of the time next to me. 

In my old workplace, the hours were laxed, and people ALWAYS lied about their hours to show that they arrived early and stayed late.  Now it is a strict 9-5 job (until next week when school starts…)

In my old workplace someone would take a half day every other Wednesday to go to the bank for all of the staff members, now the bank is a ten minute walk (or less depending on your bank).

In my old workplace, food was provided, and eating was often more important than teaching.  Now, it is rare for someone to break for lunch.

This city job is pretty different from rural working.


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