Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Boys Club

Taxi Stand

While I was living in Savai’i I never joined the “boys club” of those sitting on the road (or standing, depending on the village) to ensure everyone is observing the evening curfew or prayer.  I was always a little intimidated. 

I did get a chance however to join the Apia version of the boys club-hanging out at the taxi stand.  I sat there for about an hour and it was such a fun time and I understood why people become taxi drivers.

Some taxi stands have billiards tables, others have television sets…the one I had at had one taxi with a really nice stereo system.

Sitting there on the bench with all the boys talking, and some of them trying to include me as well, it was just a fun time. 

The women’s version of hanging out is sitting around weaving mats.  During that time they gossip, probably a little more than the men, but are usually without other things to entertain them (music, billiards, ava…etc)

I am not quite sure which one I prefer.  I like how the taxi stand has an end to hanging out, as the taxis need to go pick up passengers, instead of when you are at the woman’s committee house, where you can easily find yourself there all day unless you come with an excuse to leave. 


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