Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can you Imagine....

I hear there’s a place called America.  It has been in my thoughts lately. 

Can you imagine a world… 

Where you don’t have to eat or drink ants?
Where water and bathrooms are found inside a house?
Where people are able to talk to others of the opposite gender without others thinking they are promiscuous?
Where you don’t have to wonder about what creatures might be swimming in your water?
Where your radio can actually pick up stations to listen to music?
Where your local television antenna does not go out frequently?
Where you can be out after dark (7pm) without people talking bad about you?
Where you can do things besides go to church on a Sunday?
Where stores actually have the food you want to eat?
Where you can take hot water showers?
Where teachers don’t rule with a stick?
Where you can wear whatever clothes you choose to without having people judge you?
Where the weather does not dictate what you can or cannot do?
Where you don’t wear moldy clothes?
Where rats and cockroaches outnumber you in your bedroom?
Where ants eat your computer?
Where there is toilet paper in the bathrooms?
Where you don’t save everything, just in case you might need it, even if it is broken?
Where you can travel by car?
Where you do not crowd 4 or 5 to a 2 person seat on the bus?
Where you don’t have to travel for over an hour to use the internet?
Where you can control the temperature inside a room with something called a thermostat?

I heard that this world exists in America.  A world that is carefree.  How exciting will it be it visit a place like this.  I have been daydreaming about it all day.


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