Saturday, June 18, 2011



Last year Samoa experienced the most amount of rainfall in a long time, this year we are going through one of our driest periods.  Waterfalls everywhere are drying up, making it a bad time for tourists to visit. 

Throughout Samoa, you see yellow grass across every field.  It is also effecting the plantations, as many of the crops are dying.  What we have noticed more locally is cucumbers and tomatoes.  Those that are still able to have some grow, and charging much more for their produce because of lack of income from their lost crops.

The past two days we experienced rain showers, which were amazing.  It had been one of the first times I have seen rain since coming back from Fiji.

I hope precipitation starts up again soon to help Samoa. 

(Picture is of an eggplant, not a cucumber…)

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