Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Levuka-the old capital

Levuka-the old capital
Everyday there is transportation between Suva and levuka and after the
2 hour bus, 45 minute ferry and 1 hour other bus ride I began to
regret my decision of taking the cheaper option instead of
flying...then I remembered it's just as long, if not shorter than my
transport to the capital in Samoa. Plus, in Fiji you get to enjoy air
conditioning he entire way (and as an added perk you might get lucky
like me and be on the same ferry both ways as the Suva rugby team...
Levuka is the old capital of Fiji, and because of its remoteness with
mountains blocking it from expanding, they decided to move it over to
Suva. However, there is a lot of history in Levuka to make it a
wonderful tourist site.
It feels like the first of everything Fijian is in levuka- the first
school, the first of many denominations of churches and more. We
stayed at the oldest hotel in Fiji- in the original unique building-
the Royal Hotel. The hotel was opened in 1870 and like many of the
historical sites, managed to survive cyclones and other natural
Besides visiting the firsts of so many in Fiji, we saw the cession
site where Britain gave Fiji their independence. Next to the world war
one memorial I tested my ability of climbing a coconut tree (almost to
the top). Visited 99 Mission Hill Steps, Gunrock, and even managed to
wander our way over to the jail.
The stores on the main street look like they have been there for ages
and remind me of small cities in Alaska like Ketichikan (I know that
is spelled wrong!).
My brother and I spent some time with kids learning everything there
is to know about village life from their families to school. They also
invited us into their homes to meet their families which made me feel
like I was still at home with that Pacific Island hospitality.
In the afternoon we decided to go to the rugby match, and I joined the
yellow and green Levuka pride by wearing my own new Levuka rugby shirt
(a shirt that would continue to give me compliments throughout my
trip). Because of being palagi, we got special treatment as people
were coming from all directions to give us boxes to sit on. (just a
side note-I used to find it strange when people would sit on flattened
cardboard boxes, now not only do I sit on them, but I find them
comfortable to nap on.)
Suva won the rugby match, but we enjoyed watching every second of that
wet and muddy rugby match.
In the evening there was a village dance and we decided to attend....
Until I saw only men inside, and spending time with a group of soles
did not interest me at all.
The best thing about Levuka would have to be the people. The people
who were on the bus with us to Levuka continued to look out for us
like we were family for the entire time we were there. Having a family
look out for you makes you feel at home

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