Friday, June 10, 2011

Postcards, Postcards, Postcards!

Postcard Update

Coming back from Fiji, I was excited to see that my students received many new postcards from 3 different countries!  Seeing how different the students reacted to the postcards from last term was exciting.  Before the lesson, they were trying to grab a sneak preview of the cards and where they were from. 

After going over our new postcards, in which we did our normal learning extra information through the atlas, we began writing our new postcards.  They were all given a little piece of paper the size of a postcard.  They folded the paper in half, and were told to only write on the left side.  “Why can’t we use the entire paper they wondered aloud?” 

“We need to make sure the post office knows where to bring the letter so we need space for him.”  We went through other aspects of a postcard, such as writing small so you can write more, and writing neat so everyone can read it. 

After their practice ones were done, they wrote their real postcards, and were so excited when they got to the part of addressing them.  They then got to put on the stickers (stamps),  “Wow, that’s a lot of money,” they said as they took the stamps.   Just lick it and put them where there is room.  Some of them did placements of the stamps that made me laugh, but this was only due to the fact that mail is something I have seen for my entire life.  I learned at a young age how to address mail.  I think this postcard project is the first time these children have seen actual mail, and sent it so they are doing great for first timers.

While other students were finishing up, the ones that were done were pouring over the atlas reviewing where they were sending them to and how far the post office would have to send it.  They were looking in the index for the different cities or countries that their new friends were from.  It was great to see them researching the exports, capitals, population and more on their own free time. 

Like I have said a million times, the students at my school are truly enjoying hearing from all of you.  Thank you so much!


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  1. Wow- You're amazing! It's so nice to see all the children so actively involved in learning.