Saturday, June 18, 2011

Village Improvements

The Stop Sign

My village is developing and growing.  Finally after about 7 months of roadwork, our road is finished.  There is a thin layer of rocks that are stuck well into the ground.  It looks pretty good if you ask me, and is a perfect ride for cars.  At the end of our road there is a stop sign. 

I told another PCV about the stop sign, and knowing where I live she asked why.  I told her it might be for the 2 busy ferry times where an hour after the ferry arrives on our island, we have about 10 cars drive past within 5 minutes.  Jokingly, I told her the traffic does get pretty bad.

Also new to the village are bus stops.  When I arrived there were none.  One family built one (They call it that family’s house, but everyone uses it for a bus stop.) about 2 months ago, and just last week the villagers got together to build two more.  I am happy because there is one right by my house now.  It will make waiting for the bus in the rain much nicer! 

I wonder what is next in the village’s plans for improvement. 

(Pictures are of the road leading up to the stop sign and one of the new bus stops.)


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