Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plantation = Good Husband

Plantation = Good Husband

The other day while playing volleyball, I bonded with the only other female playing, a female about the same age as me that was working in Apia.  We did the normal talk about how old we were, churches, how long I was staying, and then  the topic of relationships came up.  When I told her I did not have a friend yet she told me I really need to work on that.  She then explained the perfect man to me, and why he was in Samoa. 

“In Samoa, you can find a man that has a lot of land and will have a nice plantation.  You can then put cows on that land.  He will be able to take care of you with that and you will have a nice life.”

In America, they always say that a good catch is someone who has a nice job, can handle money, is smart, nice, or other things like that.  Hearing that the perfect person was none of the characteristics that I grew up with, but has more to do with a plantation, made me smile.  I live in such a simple world, and I love that most people continue to think these ways and stay unmaterialistic (well as much as you can get…)

(The picture is of some of the boys in my village.  They asked me to take a picture of them and show it to girls overseas to tell them come to our village.)

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