Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Guards at Buckingham Palace

The Guards at Buckingham Palace
Whenever anyone goes to England, it seems like a "must see" are the
guards at Buckingham Pakace so you can attempt to alter their facial
expression...i know I tried and failed when I was ther. Who knew I
could attempt again in Fiji?
Outside a beautiful mansion with a wonderful yard where the president
lives, there is a military officer and a guard. The guard has the same
responsibilities as the guards do at Buckingham Palace...which I am
not sure what that means.... Would they move if there was a serious
problem, or is that for the military officer to take care of? If
someone is extremely obnoxious will they then move to escort them out
of the area? I visited London while I was in high school and I am sure
we were as obnoxious as they come-but nothing happened to us.
Being in Fiji where I am unsure of the political structure and not
wanting to test the legal aspects of it- we kept it mellow, just
taking a few funny pictures.
The guards there reminded me of pirates-with their zigzag cut i'a
faitoga (men's traditional and formal skirt) to their white shirt and
weapon. I know these areas had many pirates going through,and I wonder
if that effected their dress...
Every 2 hours they change the guard, and you have to wonder, do the
guards remain that serious during their time off?

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