Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lili x 3

Lili x3

Samoans are always named after people who have influenced the lives of their parents.  This is why there are many people throughout Samoa named after PCVs, since volunteers have been here for such a long time.  I feel really special because I now have 3 little ones that may not remember me when they grow up, but hopefully, their parents will be able to share stories about times I had with them.

The first was in my training village, where my one year old niece was given the nickname Lili.

The second was my librarian who had a baby last month and named her Lillian.

The third just happened last week.  My cousin from my training village, whom I love like a sister named the baby after me and Rachel (her sister).  The baby’s name is Foaina Racheli LiaLia’i.  I think it is such a unique name for a baby, and can’t wait to see her. 

(The picture is of our school librarian and Lillian.)

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