Friday, June 10, 2011

Independence Run

Independence Run

Last week 1/5 of my group participated in the Independence Day Race in Apia.  A pretty amazing turn out, since most of us were still tired from our vacations, with several weeks without runs.  I was impressed with myself doing the race without paying attention to the “Alu Lemu” (go slow) signs posted throughout the roads.  I did not stop to pick up a se (flower) for my hair to look good for the finish line. 

Kaelin, and Karen (PCV from 83) were able to knock out a 1-2 victory in the half marathon.  (I think this will help name Kaelin as our captain for our around the island relay this September.  She does not know this yet…)

The rest of us competed in the 10k.  There were about 40 women competing.  Dana, with legs that move faster than anything was able to place second.  Rachel, powered through her knee problems and was able to place 5th.  Next, I came in 7th-going for the most enthusiastic finish screaming and getting the crowd to cheer for me.  Let’s not forget our amazing Corina who placed 12th in the race who pushes herself more than anyone I know.

The 5 of us from Group 82 are the remaining member of Kope Keine (Hurry up Girls), our relay team.   We are going to miss Erin, our last member who is in America, when it comes time for the race, but we know whoever steps up to replace her will help us make sure we have another successful relay team.  I am beyond excited for the idea of the next race.    


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