Saturday, June 18, 2011



My little USB modem was “borrowed” while I was away, so until I buy a new one, Internet can only be found in Salelologa, so I decided to go there.  Spending the time on the internet, made me wish I lived in another area where internet cafes were in more of an abundance. 

Internet cafes are a pretty new thing to Salelologa, and Savaii.  There are a few now, which contain about 2 computers each, and two places where you can use wifi.  I went to the place where I can use my own laptop, to avoid spending time transferring files of emails and other things to upload onto the computer.

The internet was deadly slow.  So slow that I debated if it was worth staying to finish sending my emails.  (In 2 and a half hours I sent 19 out of my 21 emails.)  But the thought of waiting a few more weeks to send them out, I decided to power through the annoyances building up in my head. 

For the longest time, I didn’t mind the fact that internet is so infrequent here, but after visiting other countries in the Pacific and seeing how there is free wifi in many hotels, and extremely cheap internet elsewhere, you can’t help but get a little jealous.  The countries really aren’t that far apart from each other, and everywhere else has cheap and affordable means of communication.  Why doesn’t Samoa?  Is there such a monopoly here over the internet, or does it really just cost more to run here?

In Samoa we seem to be so far behind in technology, and the cost of using it holds so many people back.  I am anxious for the day where Samoa catches up.

(Picture is of Salelologa)

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