Thursday, June 23, 2011



Lotoleaga.  Jealousy.  When I started doing the postcard project jealousy began to grow inside me.  I went to several other PCV blog sites from around the world, and seeing how mobile they are made me a little jealous.  Their blog sites are amazing, with great menus and are organized perfectly.  Some of them are on Twitter, and share that with their readers as well.

In Samoa internet is expensive.  There is no such thing as free internet anywhere.  There is no wifi that you can steal from a neighbor’s house, just internet cafes and a few wifi hotspots at hotels for internet you can pay for.  I am always on a time crunch because of how costly internet is. 

I wish I had time to play with my blog and make it more user friendly and pretty.  But as it is, to cut costs, I rarely visit my blog, and post my posts through email, and so have no choice on the placement of pictures I attach or anything else of the sort. 

Still without my modem, I have to travel to Salelologa to use the internet.  This is about an hour and a half on the bus each way.  The closest village with a computer with internet is about an hour’s drive in the other direction.  It does not seem worth it to travel that far for dial up internet. With our grant in the final steps, I have been having to send out emails weekly, which means long trips on the bus to send a work email. 

I am jealous of the people that don’t have to do this.  Those that don’t have to make a day’s trip to the city to send an email. 

I don’t think of myself as high maintenance for internet.  I don’t need it for too much, and have never seen the need to spend all day on it.  I have never been a person to pay for high speed internet, since it is costly in America as well.  The last time I have had fast internet in my residence was in the dorms at the University of Wyoming ten years ago.  But back in America, travelling to the library, or a restaurant, or even the gym was so easy to use internet at.  And on lucky days, when the signal was good, I was able to sit under my tree and use my neighbors internet.  How I miss the days of the 5 minute drive for internet. …

(Picture is of how I have been using technology in the classroom)


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