Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scuba Fiji

Scuba Fiji
Whenever I heard of Fiji, I always heard of it in terms of diving as
it is supposed to be one of the best places in the world. That's why
I was surprised we didn't run into too many certified divers over our
time here... I heard we went to the wrong area and missed the area
where there is the best diving-but it didn't bother us since being on
the mainland, or close to it we were able to do a lot more than just
scuba dive.
The diving was incredible and we dove off of 4 different islands. (At
the resort we stayed at the dive boat was down, and each day we had to
wonder if the divemaster there could find a boat to borrow..each day
us and a couple from Canada sat at the dive shop wondering if the boat
would gave me a chance to study marine life and learn the
names for different things. Only once we were successful in diving
The marine life was incredible each time and we were able to see so
many wonderful things. We saw heaps of white tip sharks and nurse
sharks, turtles, rays, and such beautiful fish. I love playing with
the coral that changes color when you wave your hand near it.
Jen had her camera and perfected her underwater photography with
several incredible photos. In one of them a yellow tang came over and
kissed the camera.
On one of our surface intervals there had to have been 40 dolphins
teasing our boat. They were doing little flips in the air, racing our
boat and just having fun. Unlike the ones in Tonga where we had to
entertain, these ones did an amazing job entertaining us.
I am a little bummed that my trip didn't allow time for diving with
tiger sharks and other gigantic monsters of the deep, but that won't
take anything away from the amazing stuff I did see.
Ten more dives until I hit 50, I wonder where I will end up to
celebrate that..

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