Friday, November 26, 2010


I was smart, I wrote my blogs, and began to post them….But just as I got onto the website, I had a phone call for Thanksgiving. This kept happening all day, until the power went out.So there were many falavelaves yesterday…
It didn’t matter since Apia awaited me today. I was excited, and then I left my flashdrive with those blogs on it at home….This is what happens when you take the 2AM bus, you seem to always forget something!
But notable events from the bus…
The bus showed up about half an hour late, so I had time to bond with a horse. I learned horses don’t always like apples. Also this horse is timid, and scared of getting hit.
Along the bus ride, I sat next to a teacher from my school. If you have never been on the road at night in Samoa, it is an interesting experience, and quite frightful! On the road the driver will encounter many obstacles. First off, the dogs think they own the road at night, so they will be lounged about on it. Also, pigs will be crossing for whatever reason. I learned the little piglets make a pop sound when they are run over. I don’t know what happens to the gigantic ones. Cows and horses get tired of being tied up, and want to hang out. They think their nightclub is the road. So often there will be a group of 7 cows blocking the road, or some horses in the way.
Because of these obstacles, I am thrilled to not be a driver in Samoa, especially early in the morning.
In a few days, I’ll return home and put up the blogs I meant to yeterday. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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