Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gratitude and School

I have been at my school for almost a complete year. I hear it when I do things wrong, or the possibility that I messed up (especially with electronics), but usually nothing too positive, except from the kids. The children are amazing, and make me feel so loved. This is why I spend so much time with them. I love hanging out at recess with them, walking to and from school with them and talking to them wherever I am.
I do spend time with the teachers, and am impressed with the amount of their conversation I am understanding compared to the previous year. One day I was in the car with another teacher, and he gave me an actual compliment. It made me feel so good inside.
He told me how he enjoys me being at the school because he likes my teaching style, and has learned a lot from watching me. He told me that the children really respond to how I teach.
A few weeks ago, my country director came to visit, and asked me about working with the other teachers, and if they adopted any teaching styles from me, and I told him the truth that I was too busy teaching in other rooms to observe differences in the teachers. I sometimes hear the songs and games being played in other classrooms, but that is only because they sing loud. I only wish I had this conversation first to tell him about.
In other school news…
Final exams are next week, it seems strange to be coming up on summer vacation. But I am excited about it!
I was asked to present the year 4 class at Prize giving in Samoan, since I have primarily been there teacher this term. Wish me luck. (I was warned to practice names because a few month ago a kept saying one person’s name wrong, and ended up calling him a bad word.)
I mentioned to some teachers how I really don’t like seeing the year 8 class be rule enforcers, hitting children if they do anything wrong. The teachers made sure immediately that the year 8 class was without sticks. (A small corporal punishment victory.)

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