Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hey Mom, Look what I found!!!

I was over at a neighbor’s house and the girls were helping their uncle, who is about my age, pack for church camp. They were ironing his clothes, when the teenage girls (about 16) noticed something in a pocket.
They pulled it out, and gave a shriek. They read the label to make sure it was what they thought it was. She threw the condom down and said, “This is my first time seeing these, especially holding one.”
I then had a talk with the girls about them. They asked me where people get them and had a lot of other questions. I didn’t go too deep into information, but I made sure to answer them all. It was a strange afternoon, but it was a great learning experience for the girls.
The girls wanted to tell their mom about what they found (their family is really involved in the church), and I think they decided not to. Which was probably for the best…
I mean, at least a few people know to be safe….

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