Friday, November 5, 2010

Iake- AKA Jacks

When I was real little we played with jacks (iake in Samoan), but it didn’t last long.
For the past few months, every day I see the students playing iake. It is a little difference since they lack the little rubber ball with the little fun metal pieces. They collect stones and play with those.
I’ve learned from watching how amazing of jugglers you can become from playing jacks. I am especially impressed with the size of some of the rocks they play with. I don’t know how the little kids fit so many rocks in their hands and play a game with them.
The only problem I am having with iake is the kids want to play it all the time. Everywhere I look, I see them playing. The problem is, they keep trying to play while I teach, and it is really distracting for me when I see rocks being thrown up in the air. It seems like every day I catch one of my students with rocks in the classroom. (Once I even saw them trying to play with small pencil stubs.)
I guess jacks is a past time around the world.
It is entertaining to watch, as long as I am not teaching!

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