Saturday, November 20, 2010


Since it is a rainy Saturday, I decided to spend my money putting up blogs for you to read….besides I really do like the sound of my own voice. (I talk to myself out loud sometimes while I write…)
In America, I would check my email several times a day usually. At work, at restaurants that had wifi, and whenever I was bored. I didn’t have internet at home, but it didn’t matter because it was so accessible. Because I checked it so often, I did not mind the boat loads of junk mail that I was sent, as it was easy to press delete. When I was about to leave the country my family, yes we had a family plan for our telephones, switched to an amazing package where we would get internet, so email as well. I never got to enjoy email on phones, except for when I would borrow my friends’ phones. Now, I know some of my family only reads my blog or emails through their telephone. It is strange to think how much things have changed in one year…
In Samoa, I was having trouble distinguishing what I needed to read and what was pure junk. I wasn’t able to delete my mail daily, which made email checking a horrible chore; so I switched email accounts. This helped quite a bit, and I began to be able to distinguish what was important. It also made sure I didn’t “accidently” delete an important email when deleting a page worth of junk mail.
When I went online today, I was amazed at how full my inbox was for one week. I had over ten emails. I quickly got to work with opening a letter, signing offline, to not waste mb, reading the letter and typing a response, and then going online quickly to press send and open up the next letter.
It took me quite some time to go through them all….so much time that I missed the ride to return to church this evening, and did not want to walk up the dirt road hill in the pouring rain. (Don’t worry, I did go this morning to earn my delicious to’ogani and will go again tomorrow, in hopes of more delicious food!)
It is funny how I used to think ten emails would be nothing for a day, and now I am flabbergasted at the site of my inbox with that many inside.
I am not saying to stop writing, I love when people write to me. (I also love real letters…) It is just funny to realize the little ways you have changed in the past year…


  1. Talofa

    I used to copy and paste the new emails I received, and saved it in a word doc on a floppy disk (as you can tell this is way back before internet on a phone!). I'd go home read the emails, type up a response and save it to the floppy disk. When I returned to the internet cafe in Apia, I'd copy and paste my response to each email. That way I'd save as much time as possible, and not have to pay the expensive internet charges at the cafe!