Thursday, November 11, 2010


Village Growing
I set a goal for myself, in order to possibly run the half marathon for Independence Day, I would run at least that distance each week. This meant that I would begin to run further than I was used to. I added a new village to my running routine.
Now my running spans 8 villages. Eight villages where people know me, call my name out, and invite me to rest with them and have a drink of tea, or a game of volleyball. In the further villages not everyone knows me, and I still get called “palagi” a lot, but I am not letting this bother me. It just encourages me to keep running to see these people until they recognize me by name.
This may sound strange, like an attempt to become popular, but really I just want to connect with more people. It is nice to know people in your village, but it is also nice to know people elsewhere. You never know when you might need something, whether it be a drink, a bite to eat, a ride, or even a smile, and the more people I know, the better chance I have of people helping me each and every day.

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