Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reading-The Road Show

Reading On the Road
I love being outside and people watching. I always have. This is why I would often sit outside to read in America. In college I would sit around in public places to study so I could be distracted by people I know. It probably isn’t the best way to retain information, but it worked for me.
I decided there is no reason to only read at home anymore. So, I am taking it on the road. Literally. I’ve been enjoying sitting under a big ulu (breadfruit) tree next to the main road (opposed to the plantation road) to read. Sometimes I have kids come by to sit around me and watch me read, something they talk to me. Other times I get invited to different houses to spend time.
It is funny because the kids see the size of my books, and they are much bigger than the picture books that I normally read to them, and I think the only large book they have seen is the bible. So they assume that I am reading the bible every day. It is really funny to explain that there are different books in the world that people read for fun.
Sitting outside on the road to read is good because it is promoting reading more and more. I have had many people come over to me to request books. It is nice to promote literacy here….now if only books were more accessable….

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