Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Bus

Riding the Bus
I love the bus. I love it more and more each time I am on it. The music is amazing, people laugh when I dance and it is always full of people I know (or at least who know me…). I have been here long enough where I can still get a seat for being a palagi, but people will actually sit on my lap when there are no other seats. The people on my bus also respect me when I stand to give up my seat to someone else. (It is always interesting juggling your feet in between baskets of bananas, fish, bread, and whatever else might be on the floor.)
There is only one thing I still don’t like about the bus experience. Smoking. I hate that people are constantly smoking on the busses.
If only that could change, then the bus experience would be perfect. Sitting close to your neighbors, juggling others packages from the market, and enjoying great Samoan holiday music. Is there anything better?

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