Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free Nights

Free nights
Having a cell phone is great, I mean it puts me in contact with everyone I want to. It makes it easy to make plans both for work and socially. It also means that people I don’t want to will contact me. In the US this meant telemarketers, here it means random strangers that are looking for a pe’u (girlfriend).
I don’t know how people find out my phone number, but they do, and sometimes really need to get in touch with you….which means calling, and calling and calling again. Sometimes, they are courteous, and text several times instead.
I feel like there are certain days where the whole island decides to get in contact with me. Which means my phone does not stop ringing from texts or calls all night long. (Not enjoyable when you love sleep as much as I do.)
The promotions that the cell phone company has do not help. If you talk for 3 minutes, you get 3 free hours of talk at night (beginning at midnight). I think some men might think three hours of talk is a perfect way to find a pe’u, and that might be the cause for some of these late night calls.
At least I can always shut my phone off, to get a good night’s sleep.

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