Saturday, November 20, 2010

Health Check

Health Check
My mom read my blog about me hopping fences, and told me to be careful. Three and a half months after her fall here, she is still struggling and told me about the times she falls. She now has a boot on her foot, which makes it easier for her to crawl up and down stairs, so she is not stuck on the first floor of the house. Mom can now sleep in an actual bed. She is worried that I might have an accident like hers.
As for my scraped face, it has healed for the most part. I still feel the mark where I scraped it, but it no longer stings when I sweat or anything. I am still hopping fences when I am too lazy to open the gate, sorry mom.
In other news, my bike is broken. Someone borrowed it and so the chain is broken. It won’t catch the gears. So at least for awhile I won’t be falling off my bike.
I still have my boils. They are under my armpit, and irritate terribly. One of them is infected. (Well isn’t a boil an infection already? I am not sure of this. So maybe there is another infection on top of the infection…) Today I noticed a nice green coloring on the big red blob. Good thing I am going to Apia Thanksgiving weekend, because I might give up on my home remedies of curing them. They keep growing bigger, and now they are big enough where I am thinking about naming them. Any suggestions?
During the dry season the mosquitoes were used to me, so I rarely was bitten . Now, since it is the rainy season, if I neglect to put on bug spray I end up with about fifty bites in one day. No joke. Thankfully, none of the mosquitoes have kissed me with Dengue. I hope it stays that way.
It has been raining every day for a week, lately it’s been for the entire day. I keep hearing everyone playing volleyball in the rain, and I want to join them, but I don’t want to chance getting sick before Jen comes to visit. (A little over a week to go!) So I feel somewhat trapped indoors. It could be worse… I could be stuck indoors where you are…(Ha ha, just kidding!)
(In other injury news Lauren, one of the amazing girls from Stanley Lake High School, in Jefferson County Co, who is playing college ball, just had surgery on her knee. Good luck Lauren! I hope you have a fast recovery!!!!)

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