Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rats and Cockroaches

Rats and Cockroaches
I knew I used to hear noises in my bed. I always thought it was rats, but never positive. I found the hole. A rat hole. I haven’t heard any rats in awhile in the box spring, but I still want to try and cover the hole. Would duct tape work?
I’ve seen rats recently sneak into buildings a lot. (I don’t know why I am always looking at the ceiling cracks.) It is so easy for them with how the Samoan houses are built. There are so many cracks in the roofing areas and in the walls. They don’t even usually have to bite through something to get inside.
Cockroaches have been my problem lately. They have been keeping me up at night. They used to not bother me, but lately they have been jumping into bed with me. I swear I saw one fly onto my computer yesterday . I have been keeping a shoe by my bed to try to destroy the ones I see, but they are always too fast for me!
I rearranged my room recently, so maybe this disturbed the cockroaches, and that is why they are on the prowl?
I just wish they would stay away….

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