Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back inthe Village

Back in the Village
I arrived yesterday, and a few things have changed at home since I’ve been gone. Houses are always changing, and we had a new addition to ours. One of my family’s cousins is now living with us. He is about 12 years old, and is comically named the same as the as the country I was just visiting. I don’t know much about him since he spends most of the time with my brothers. He doesn’t go to school, but at least is super polite.
Another thing that happened, wasn’t as happy. I had someone come up to me telling me she was raped. She was in tears and felt I was the only person she could talk to. What happened was when she was walking home from church, someone came and pushed her to the ground. She rolled around screaming, while the boy, someone who was mischievous and kicked out of school, told her not to scream. She did anyway and rolled away.
Her brothers told her it wasn’t right for her to scream and she shouldn’t have alarmed people. I was astonished that they would say that to their little sister. It was horrible and the worst advice anyone could give her. I told her it is important to let people know when you do not feel comfortable in a situation.
We talked for hours, as she was scared to be alone. I am hoping things work out for her, and she feels safe in our village again.

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