Friday, September 17, 2010

Tonga talk

Tonga is going amazing! I am typing on my iPod so I am going to keep this short...even though I am enjoying being able to use free wifi right now. I spent three days out on boats. One day I went whale watching where I swam with humpbacks and dolphins. Another day I did three dives including one amazing shipwreck. The boat was from 1937 and still had silverware in the was pretty amazing if you ask me. Yesterday I did 2 more dives and underwater we heard whales! It was beautiful. When we got on the boat we were able to see them. Later in the day I hopped on a boat for the yaht races. We first couldn't find the start line... Then had a man overboard... Needless to say we ended up getting last place. I celebrated by singing kareoke that night. Today was the last day of camp GLOW ( more about that later) so we had a nice feast with the girls.
I only have a few more days left in tonga which is pretty sad. I have had a great time here thanks to the volunteers living over here. I have also met a volunteer from Bolivia and we instantly became friends (not my moa or uo). All of us have so much in common that it is great to swap stories.
Next week when I have a computer and some free time I will share some of the great adventures of this trip.

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