Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vava'u - things to do

There were if course other things to do outside of the water... One of them is the obvious - hanging out at the beach. Both Sundays that I was in vava'u I went to church with my friends and then we headed to a resort on the island of mala. The island has delicious food, beautiful sand, and great snorkeling. Both times I saw sting rays, jellyfish (they are always so tempting to touch-I had to keep reminding myself, "do you really want to get peed on?"
Another fun thing to do is to hike mount talau. Legend has it that Samoa stole the peak of this mountain and that is why it is flat on top. The first time I tried to climb it I went in the direction of the sign. There was a trail through steep grass well over my head. However web the grass disappeared and all that was left was a wooded area, I realized I was in the wrong spot. I searched for awhile before giving up and attempting to find my way through the bushes.
A few days later I tried the hike again. This time I wasn't alone so I was determined to make it with sandy's help. She started off on the wrong trail and I corrected her before we got too lost. We searched for awhile and then found the correct path. It had rope to guide the trail since it was steep climbing in some areas. Finally we made it to the top and enjoyed the scenery from the biggest mountain around. Getting back down was tricky again. I had read that the trail was a loop and I was determined to find the right path. We found a path, it probably wasnt thecirrect path, but at least it was a path. We ended up slipping and sliding between two gigantic boulders. But in the end we made it down, and that is what is important.
I also spent a lot of time exploring on my own to get to know the area which would be my home for over a week. It is a cute little village with much more than a little village. The public library is tiny, and I got I know the people at the post office well.
Besides my time evaeva, I was also helping out with camp glow with the other volunteers.

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