Sunday, September 12, 2010


Just a quick note….
I have heard from a few different people that people actually read my blog. Thank you so much for supporting my adventures. It means a lot to me! If there is anything you wish to know more about Samoa, or something specific about my life, be sure to comment or send me an email!
I forgot names…but…Thank you Paul’s mom for the delicious Swedish Fish! I ate them up so quickly! Also, Matt’s parents, thank you for your support!


  1. Hi there my partner and I read all the PC blogs each day so we've read all of yours (its the best) we love reading about whats going on in Samoa,we dont get to Savai'i much ,family thinks its to dangerous for a palagi to travel on the ferry ,may now maybe OK .probably not , Anthony & Elena

  2. Talofa... I am a Samoan born and raised in NZ. I am always reading your blog! My wife is in Savaii right now with a school from Auckland. My father is from Palauli. So it's great getting updates on home. Keep up the good work. Soifua.