Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vava'u - boating

Being on an island as beautiful as vava'u I needed to get our and explore the ocean as much as possible. Two days I went scuba diving so I can log five new dives into my dive book. The first dive I went on was the best. It was a ship that sunk in 1927 because of a fire. We got to explore all around the ship, which included finding silverware in the kitchen! The boat has suffered through several earthquakes, so we were warned not to go inside any of the rooms for our safety. The other dives consisted of a cave, amazing coral and beautiful fish. We saw the most disgusting sea cucumber as well. He was about three feet long and very fat! There was one type of coral that when you touch it, it hides away, so I had fun playing with it. At one of the dive sites we came across trash and picked it up. It is really sad to see people not taking care of their ocean, especially when they depend on it for food. The highlight of the dives was hearing whales underwater. I was hoping we might see them, but we had to wait until we were on the boat for that.
Another day I wanted to see the yaht races. I headed over to the area I was told to go to and was immediately offered the chance to hop on the boat and experience the races first hand. I of course jumped at the opportunity. A few of us went on the dingy and headed for the boat. We were given a crash course on sailing and began to look for the start line. It wasn't there. Suddenly pur dingy was stuck. There was five minutes before the race was to kick off. One of the guys went to move the dingy and fell overboard. We wet back to get him as the race started. We tried turning on the radio to get race updates but the radio was busted. So as soon as we were all on board, off we went. With most of us being new sailors we struggled, especially with the turns. Needless to say, our team ended up in last place. At least we did have many chuckles from the adventure.

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