Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Duty Free Experience


I don’t really have a sweet tooth. But when you don’t have access to sweets (or any good sweets), it makes you crave them more. I still do not like super sweet things, for examples, I will always turn down the super sugary drinks, ice cakes, little sucking candies, and other things with way too much sugar that they lose their taste, but I will never turn down a package from home full of treats.
Although there is amazing cocoa in Samoa, you can not find chocolate. I don’t get it. I would love to
support Samoan chocolate, if there was any. But since there isn’t, I have to go through other means. People visiting from overseas, friends going overseas, or packages.
Surprisingly, Tonga has chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but delicious chocolate. (This is weird to me because they do not have any cocoa plants.) It might be because they are closer to New Zealand, or it might be because the companies know where they can make a profit since Tongans will buy it. It was a homey feeling just seeing the different candies and chocolate in the stores.
On my way home from Tonga, I stopped at everyone’s favorite store to spend the rest of my Tongan money, Duty Free. I bought what any person traveling to Samoa with no plans on leaving the country in the next year would buy, chocolate. Although I only bought a few expensive bars, I felt like I struck gold when leaving the store.
The following day I shared the wealth, with Cadbury chocolate bars for my entire family. They were so delicious as we all gobbled down our bars quickly. I honestly don’t remember pure chocolate tasting so delicious before.
In 14 and a half months I’ll be back in America, and at a good time too. The holiday season is always a great time to be spoiled with delicious junk food that is not available in Samoa.

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