Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The kingdom of tonga is made up of 4 main island groups. The capital, nuku'alofa is on tangatapu so that is where me journey began and ended.
There are many things around this island that will give you a nice giggle. It includes silly signs congratulating the king for being world famous (I know for a fact that I didn't know there was a country called tonga about a year ago... And I am sure I am not the only one!) to tee shirts that compare nuku'alofa to cities such as new York, Paris and London. At least you can safely say that people do take pride in their country.
A few days I decided to try to be a tourist by myself as I tried to get to understand the local busses, while meeting plenty of friends along the way. On the bus I met so many people as I learned that there are many similarities between the two Polynesian languages. I had women and children holding hands with me, while others talked up a storm and invited me to partake in differet activities with them.
Here are some of the neat (or not so neat places) that I found myself near:
Ha'amonga Maui trilothon- this site is called the stonehedge of the south pacific. It consists of three gigantic pieces of coral to form an arch. There are many different legends on how this site was formed. Near it there is a nature preserve. I tried to head on the path to explore, but as I have learned paths do of exist. You end up finding yourself lost in the woods with only the beautiful sound of the ocean to calm your thoughts. Also at this site are people selling crafts their families made. I had a long chat with a woman about what her husband does. I was happy to help support their amazing craft.
Lapaha archelogical site-this is a bunch of pyramid stone tombs that are the richest concentration of archelogical remnants in tonga...that is according to my lonely planet guide!
'anahulu cave- I took an amazingly painfully slow bus to this site. Walk down the dirt road and find a sign saying that the cave is closed and not to enter. Since I was by myself I decided to listen and left without the satisfacation of wandering the caves.
Mapu'a vaca blowholes- the blowholes are impressive as they stretch for what appears like miles in all directions. You can't get too close to them like the ones in Samoa. My coconut I brought to put in the hole was a waste.
Captain cooks landing site-
Palace grounds
The museum of tonga and cultural center

As you can tell there was much I see apart from the beautiful waters of tonga. There were also so many delicious restaurants that had the best food I have probably eaten in about a year.
Tongatapu definately is a great place to visit. However I wanted to see more...


  1. Wow your pics are AMAZING! I really hope that I will be able to visit those places during my service!!! It looks like absolute paradise. :)

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