Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I never expected to feel this way about Samoa...seriously. But towards the end of my trip in tonga I became homesick. Usually homesickness is caused when I think of all the delicious food my family might be eating in America, the good things my mom cooks, along with the delicious food options that aren't available here... Like bagels and strawberries and big city burrito and chicken parm (mouth watering). But I began to miss my loud silly family and my village that makes me think that privacy is really non existant. Being on a different island in the pacific gives you that familiar feeling of home, but is so different that it makes you crave it even more. Earlier today I went to the blowholes in tongatapu and it reminded me of savai'i. The land, the sea, it was all savai'i. While I was sitting on the rocks enjoying the water spraying everywhere two children came over to me to chat. They tested my Tongan language abilities, and after struggling for a few sentences we switched to English. These two kids reminded me of some of the students at my school and I just wanted to hang out with them forever. But being kids of the pacific, twenty minutes after we started our friendship, they had to leave for chores.
I was by myself again. Just wanting to return to a familiar place. And for some reason Denver or new York don't feel familiar to me anymore. That world I was apart of only one year ago feels as foreign as someplace I've visited only once or twice.
I was yearning for savai'i and really looking forward to thecustoms agent who would stamp my passport to welcome me into Samoa.
Finally I arrived and I opted to hang out tonight at the airport instead of getting a ride to town. I need to get to savai'i. I want to see my family and friends there so badly.
In just a few short hours I will be making my way back home and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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