Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My mom
A few weeks ago my parents took the long journey to Samoa, their trip was perfectly planned between my mom’s school breaks. Something changed her plans for coming back as during the trip my mom had a falavelave and fell down into one of Champ’s, our dog, holes. She ended up breaking her ankle in three places.
My mom, being a normal American opted for treatment in America, instead of Samoa. I don’t really blame her based upon her experience at our local district hospital. There were no doctors, and even though she was the first person seen, she was still uneasy with her visit.
For the past two weeks she has been stuck on the bottom floor of her house, with a wheelchair as her only means to get around.
I just got a phone call from my mom. She is leaving for surgery in a few hours. She is very nervous. Mom will have to be out off work for three months and is a little upset about it. I wish her only the best in the surgery, and a quick recovery.
I love you mom!

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