Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kope Keine

Kope Keine
I just woke up with the biggest stomach ache. I haven’t run much in the past week and a half, and yesterday when I tried to go running my knee felt funny. My knee still has a bump, and when I went to the nurse last week, she thought I might have chipped the bone in my bike crash. It still hurts when pressure is put on it, but at least it is not infected.
If you were to ask me even a few days ago if I was ready for this race, I would have told you, “Yes sir,” however now that it is less than 24 hours away, my body is helping me realize I really have cold feet.
I have not been in the loop with the race news, but we are running about 64 miles (at least that is what last year’s tee shirt said) and it sounds like much of it will be in the heat of the sun, since we are starting at 4:45 a.m.
I am nervous and anxious to get started with it. Our team captain in Erin, and she had made sure we are as prepared for the day of the race as possible. Our team is being sponsored by the Charges de Affairs, who is being extremely nice. Not only is she donating a vehicle, but she is going to spend the day driving us around, and prepared sandwiches and drinks for us.
The rumor is we will start an hour before our Peace Corps Boys Team will start. Our mission is to ensure that these boys do NOT pass us. Some of them were trying to make bets on where along the race this might happen, and I hope we can prove them wrong. They might outsize us by 7 feet or so, but I do not think they all share the heart we do for this race.
Our team name is Kope Keine, which means “Hurry Up Girls”, and our team symbol is a girl with a dog chasing us. The dog is something that we are hoping is under control and we are not as fearful of the dogs as we are thinking we might be.
No matter what happens, I am really proud of my team and all they have done. Tomorrow will surely be a success in all of our eyes.

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