Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Athletes go to Apia


Fifteen students packed their bags as they headed to Upolu for the championships of track and field.  Five teachers were accompanying them on a three day trip to see who really is the best in Samoa.

For two weeks they have been practicing on the beach.  I have learned running on the beach in the heat of the day is far worse than running up the dreadful Le Mafa Pass.  I have been having a lot of fun running with them, or learning the tricks of throwing a shot put.  It was a beautiful backdrop for our training and at least there was an ocean to cool ourselves in when the practice was over.

A few days ago they had a walk a thon to raise money for the trip.  I learned how different walk a thons are in America compared to here.  In America we collect money from people for the distance we walk and people agree to pay ahead of time.  Here, it is completely different.  The students marched down the road through six villages singing and collecting money from people on the road.  It was a real beautiful site.  

By now, the students should be settling into the house they are staying at (a gigantic sleepover where they will all share the floor).  I hope they all get enough rest and have a great time tomorrow. 


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