Monday, August 8, 2011

Lillian's Pet Peeves

Lillian’s Pet Peeves

My biggest annoyance in Samoa has to be the set up.  Everyone wants to set me up with someone they know.  After someone finds I am single, they tell me they know someone, who doesn’t drink and smoke and is perfect for me.  (I think it is an attempt to get me to settle in Samoa forever.)

Somehow this man always gets my phone number from a friend of a friend of a friend, and I get harassed with nonstop texts and phone calls from someone I don’t know.  The worst part is they try to talk to me like they have known me for years.  I just don’t like people who don’t know me saying such personal things to me. 

I wish this would just stop, but after 2 years of it happening, I doubt it will.  The only way to avoid it is giving out wrong phone numbers, which I do often.  (They know it up front and we have a laugh, I tell people my number is 777-7777.)

It’s funny that all of these men are trying to throw themselves at me, when I know in a few months in America it won’t be happening. 

It’s funny how much of a catch you can be in some areas, when in others you blend in with everyone else.


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  1. Talofa Teine
    How are you today?
    Do you remember me babe?
    Can you come and play?

    This is the opening verse to a comical Samoan song from the 1980s titled Talofa Teine, which is about a guy asking a girl to go cruising in his car. This verse of the song is in English(the rest of the song is in Samoan).

    It was always a bit of fun for the soles (guys) with their limited English to drop these lines.

    Perhaps the level of English of the current crop of young soles in Samoa has improved...And so have their pick up lines??